About Affiliate Software Review

When I started researching affiliate software for a client, I was shocked. Too many choices! Did you know there are over  65  90 affiliate management solutions?

If there’s an afiliate software package or network you’d like us to add let us know and we’ll add it to the review queue.

Using our advanced comparison system combined with carefully researched data regarding affiliate management solutions, you can easily compare and contrast and search the various options available to you so that you can choose the best affiliate tracking system for your needs.

Planning to set up an affiliate sales channel? Already have a platform but thinking of upgrading to a better afiliate tracking system? Use our site as a vertical comparison shopping engine before making your affiliate software purchase decision. Every merchant has different needs for an affiliate tracking system, so we don’t dare tell you what’s best – you decide that for yourself. Then make your purchase, set it up, and start signing up your own affiliates to boost your sales!

Reviewing the listings individually is currently free of charge to merchants who are researching affiliate tracking solutions.

About Peter

Peter Koning has been active in the international IT, Telecom, and internet industries for over 20 years. Key functional areas Peter has worked in are:

– software development
– project management
– new product introduction
– international marketing and sales
– affiliate tracking software

With a Major in Computer Science and an International MBA, Peter uses advanced techniques to research the important features and various sources of affiliate tracking software and management solutions for his merchant clients. Peter has over 15 active websites and information products.

As a founding member of Affiliate Software Review, Peter is responsible for vendor and merchant relationships, business development, operations management, and arranging the extensive reviews of affiliate tracking systems. He also makes the cappuccinos in the morning 🙂

Currently Peter is working on his own anti-fraud systems for merchants and mobile lead generation systems for companies.

Meet Peter on Peter on Facebook and here on LinkedIn.

Peter is a fully registered member AND on the Advisory Board of the Internet Ethics Council, founded by internet marketing lawyer Mike Young. The Board provides informal advice to the managers of the Internet Ethics Council (IEC), a division of the Internet Attorneys Association LLC (IAA), on an as-needed basis.