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People Needed! Open Positions for Online and Affiliate Marketing Jobs

Recession? What Recession! Did you know that the Affiliate Marketing Economy is white hot right now? I found open positions (see below) in 1 click – you just need to know where to look.

Here’s the scenario: Companies are cutting their costs to stop the bleeding.

But the LAST place they’ll cut, before they turn off the lights, is their top ROI (return on investment) and that’s a certain type of advertising.

I’m not talking about wasted cash in unclickable and unmeasurable “branding” and “image advertising” newspaper ads (see my buddy Gary’s ROI video about this here – this was shot WAY BEFORE the Chicago Tribune claimed they had financial issues).

No I’m talking about performance based, measurable, real time, internet marketing advertising.

Like pay-per-click, paid inserts in newsletters, blogs, even banner ads. Social media too – e.g. Facebook marketing.
And the best advertising of all with the highest ROI is what?

Affiliate marketing!

That’s right – it’s super cheap and low risk, because you only need to pay your sales people (i.e. the affiliates) when the sale is made – in fact not even until the money is in the bank!

Hey, the “affiliate economy” is hot – just check out these numbers from CJ, one of the top affiliate networks.

Of course there are some investments you need to make like affiliate software and some expert internet strategy and some people with skills to manage your affiliate program.

But it’s STILL super low cost compared to all the other inefficient advertising out there.

And that’s why the Affiliate economy is booming right now!

Want proof?

  1. Go search on for affiliate jobs <– this link will show you what I mean.
  2. Go check out some ecommerce LinkedIn groups where people are posting NEW jobs every day in online marketing. Just join and then search out the groups re online marketing, affiliate marketing, ecommerce.

What to do now?

  1. Apply to some of those jobs listed above. But there’s more… you can search for “online sales” or other similar keywords on monster and you’ll find a ton of opportunities.
  2. Check EVERY affiliate network out there to see if they’re hiring. Some will even TRAIN you to be an affiliate manager. There are hundreds of them and more coming all the time.
  3. Learn affiliate marketing from an affiliate point of view. You can make some cash and this experience will help you become a better affiliate manager.

Just stop reading the doom and gloom in the papers, turn off the tv, start clicking your way to a job.

And if you see a half page thousand dollar advertisement for an expensive SUV in a newspaper – just laugh because you’re looking at a dinosaur marketing technique, in a dodo medium, for a dead duck product.

Get with the program.

You can even be an affiliate manager from home if you like. Work part time, build up a few clients, and maybe you’ll be hiring someone soon to help you.

Let’s rebuild the economy through affiliate marketing.

And along the way if you’re looking for some affiliate software or a network to help manage the affiliates for that new client, stop by my site again in the future to find the solution that’s best for you.

Look, I’m not saying we can all be affiliate managers and affiliates. Some stuff is sold offline and always will be.

But you need to go where the money is.

And it’s in affiliate marketing – for affiliates, affiliate managers, technology vendors, consultants, and the companies themselves who invest their marketing money into an affiliate strategy.

Good luck! Let me know where you end up, and if I inspired you to at least do something.


Thanks for reading,

Peter Koning

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Affiliate Comparison site now on WordPress

We have moved this affiliate software comparison site from WebGui to WordPress. Why webGui in the first place? It was one of the only Content Management systems 7 years ago that had a built in comparison engine, where you could add products and allow visitors to compare them.

Since then, WordPress has evolved and we can now offer a more modern framework and still have the comparison engine that our visitors love.

We used to charge to allow visitors to compare the products, but for now we have made it free on the new site and may just keep it that way. But don’t waste time reading announcements like this – start comparing and selecting your affiliate tracking system now 🙂

-Peter Koning

PS Special thanks to Jason and his awesome web development team at BlueLemonStudios, for helping me out moving the product data over to WordPress!