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Affiliate Comparison site now on WordPress

We have moved this affiliate software comparison site from WebGui to WordPress. Why webGui in the first place? It was one of the only Content Management systems 7 years ago that had a built in comparison engine, where you could add products and allow visitors to compare them.

Since then, WordPress has evolved and we can now offer a more modern framework and still have the comparison engine that our visitors love.

We used to charge to allow visitors to compare the products, but for now we have made it free on the new site and may just keep it that way. But don’t waste time reading announcements like this – start comparing and selecting your affiliate tracking system now 🙂

-Peter Koning

PS Special thanks to Jason and his awesome web development team at BlueLemonStudios, for helping me out moving the product data over to WordPress!

2 thoughts on “Affiliate Comparison site now on WordPress

  1. The site used to have headings and all 97 affiliate software listed. That meant you could glance down the list and pick out a few with the specific characteristics one wanted. With that shortlist, you could then do a detailed comparison. Unless I am not using it right, the list seems to have been abolished and replaced by a cumbersome system of comparing 4 at a time. I now have to compare everything on the list, ie to see if recurring hosted commissions are accepted, I have to compare all 97, 4 at a time. It takes all day, whereas on the old system it would take about half an hour maximum.

    1. Hi Anthony – thanks for the comment. The old site was handy but it was not mobile friendly, so I moved it to wordpress. The problem become one of ease of use, as there are no good comparison engines for wordpress. I will research again and if still no luck I will look for an alternate platform. If you have any suggestions pls let me know. Thanks, Peter.

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