Merchant Commission Calculator for Affiliate Programs

Memo: From Peter Koning,

Re: Affiliate Commission Calculator for Merchants

Dear Entrepreneur,

Have you ever tried to come up with “what if” scenarios as you struggle to sort out what to pay your affiliates?

It’s a painful exercise … until now.

I have developed a calculator, which runs on Microsoft Excel, and your problems will be solved.

Here’s a screenshot:

affiliate merchant commission calculator

This award winning calculator handles:

  • up to 9 levels of tiered commissions
  • calculation of “max payout” scenario if lowest tier makes a sale
  • average payout required depending on the mix you expect

Here’s what one recent customer (June 2015) had to say about this handy time saving tool:

This is a must have tool for planing any affiliate system. The sheet quickly allowed us to explore multiple tier commissions percentages and easily see how each idea would effect our bottom line. Great job!!” – Nicolas Hernandez, Major League DFS

award_Affiliate Commission Calculator

The calculator used to be free in an older version, which is no longer supported. The new version can be yours for just $7 via the secure paypal order button below.


Peter Koning